Emojis 😀 + Friends 👯 ➡
Awesome Meetups 🔥

The coolest way to get together for things you like 🤗
Who's up to get a beer? 🍺
Board games, anyone? 🎲
Or how about a coffee? ☕


Pick an emoji

What are you up for? Type anything you want to do and watch cool emoji suggestions pop up on screen. 
We get emojis, like really. 


Echo to friends

We notify relevant circles and tagged friends. No more spamming multiple groups with the same darn message. 
BTW, every emoji gets its own circle of friends.

Chill like a boss

Make another text chain? NO.
Exit a dead chat group? NO. 
Literally do nothing and watch your plan materialize? HELL YEAH!

Some people think echo is on fleek 💯

"echo is a killer upgrade to my social life. Love how they mashed up google circles with emojis and plans so effortlessly."

Abhishek Poddar Product Manager @ HyperTrack, Google

"Greatly reduces the hassle of coordinating my weekend plans. Finally an answer to endless back and forth on Whatsapp groups."

Anika Gupta Artist, Designer, Entrepreneur @ Scribbles

"This is so much fun. Don't think I'm gonna make plans any other way. App is superb. No more redundant groups!"

Payal Shah Advocate turned entrepreneur